Car remapping is the optimum solution if you are an enthusiastic rider and want a quick throttle to boost your car’s speed within minutes.

It modifies your engine to a whole different level, enabling it to generate greater power with a minimum usage of fuel, which means more thrust at less fuel consumption. Briefly, car remapping is nothing but making a new version of your car with all tasks performed by professionals.

At Reidy Remaps, we provide the best-quality Audi remapping services. Our engineers are knowledgeable about the nitty-gritty of the engine and efficiently treat it to upgrade it as per your requirements. Hire our Audi remap specialists and unlock the full potential of your vehicle.

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Bringing Efficiency and Power in Harmony

Our Audi remap services give your engine wings, enabling it to make swift dashes in no minutes.

Enhanced Power and Torque: Remapping eliminates the limits set by the manufacturer and precisely deals with its performance parameters, ultimately resulting in enhanced torque and power.

Improved Fuel Economy: ECU remapping increases MPG and effectively improves the engine’s fuel consumption efficiency. This saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint.

Sharpened Control: Our Audi ECU remap services ensure enhanced acceleration and better control, which gives you a smooth ride on roads, rough terrains, etc.

Extra Power for Towing: Remapping energises your car to perform well to bear the load and overcome obstacles. Hence, it makes towing easier, enabling your vehicle to pull loads efficiently.

Reversible Modifications: Another distinction of remapping is that it can be reversed, providing greater flexibility in settings modifications.

Tailor-Made Modifications: Lastly, engine remapping is customised, which means you can have every modification as per your choice and preferences.

Methodological Approach to Efficient Remapping

Our Audi remap specialists alter the manufacturer’s default settings and replace the software on ECU with your new software customised as per your preferences.

  • They used on-board diagnostic (OBD) ports to connect their laptop to the ECU.
  • Following this, they analyse the current parameters and make customised changes.
  • Ultimately, overwriting the default settings with new ones enhances the car’s overall performance.
Audi Remapping

Reidy Remaps Can Offer

DTC Removal
DPF Removal
EGR Removal
Diagnostics Services
Custom Remaps /
Chip tuning
Immobiliser Repair /
Rolling Road /
Dyno Runs
Turbo Conversion Mapping Work on OEM ecu

Variations of Car Remapping

Our company provides numerous variations for your Audi ECU remap:

  • We provide an economical version of remapping to enhance your fuel efficiency.
  • We provide automatic gearbox remapping to increase shift response time.
  • We deal in torque management for gear modification and accelerator pedal movement for improved driveability and MPG.
  • We carry out chip tuning for turbocharged diesel and petrol engines.
  • We provide hardware upgrades and engine parts replacement.

You may get any other remapping you prefer for your Audi. Connect with our experts and get your customised Audi remapping.

Get Your Preferred Remapping

Reidy Remaps is a trusted platform for your customised Audi engine remapping:

Personalised Services: Our specialists take every job with personal interest and efficiently modulate each setting to execute modifications of your choice.

State-of the-Art Equipment: We have acquired all the latest digital and analogous equipment, along with upgraded softwares to install your desired settings.

Affordable Services: Our costs for Audi remapping are highly affordable with zero compromise on quality and legal standards.

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Remapping helps in:

  1. Increased engine performance
  2. Better torque and more throttle
  3. Enhanced fuel efficiency
  4. 20-30% increased power

The cost of remapping varies with the customised setting. Generally, you can expect to pay £400 for your Audi remapping. However, it’s not the final price, and you may consult with our experts for an accurate price estimate.

Yes, you can reverse your remapping. For this purpose, you can discuss this with our specialists.

We provide the best quality remapping services. For further client satisfaction, we provide a 14-day money-back guarantee on all our services.