Our areas of expertise include electronic control unit remapping and engine optimisation. In addition to serving in Bournemouth, we are available across the United Kingdom; you may contact us for your queries.

ECU, also known as the electronic control unit, improves your vehicle’s horsepower, torque, and fuel economy. We combine our tuning expertise with technological advances to offer the best engine tuning services in Bournemouth, which is accomplished without jeopardising the reliability of the automobile in any manner.

How Do We Remap ECU?

  • It is only possible to read (create a copy of the original data) or write (program new data) to the EPROM, also called the chip which is housed inside the ECU, using specialised equipment.
  • With this procedure, we can remap the ECU directly from the car’s diagnostic port in around 95% of the cases (also known as the OBD Port).
  • We reprogram the information recorded on this chip, which is used to regulate the engine of the vehicle.
  • The engine is in charge of several operations, including the ignition timing, the boost amount, and the fueling. ECU remapping and engine tuning Bournemouth may positively affect a vehicle, resulting in improved gas efficiency, smoother handling, and faster throttle response.
  • The turbo diesel and turbo gas engines are the ones that have seen the most significant developments recently. If there is anything that needs to be clarified, please feel free to get in touch with us for ECU Remapping Bournemouth.

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Satisfying the Majority of Your Automotive Requirements

Chipping, also known as chip tuning, involves removing the chip from a vehicle’s onboard computer. We are happy to provide our chip tuning, ECU remapping, and rolling road tuning services to meet the specific criteria that you have provided. Please contact us if you have modified your vehicle, including a de-cat pipe installation.

Before and after the ECU remapping, we conduct a comprehensive diagnostic fault check and gather data to ensure that the vehicle performs at its highest possible level once the remapping has been completed. The ECU remapping software we have created in-house is individualised for each car.

Steps We Take to Remap

Vehicle owners in Bournemouth may utilise our comprehensive car remapping, diagnostic and engine tuning Bournemouth services. We also have people at several other locations that can provide these services in and around their areas.

Reidy Remaps Can Offer

DTC Removal
DPF Removal
EGR Removal
Diagnostics Services
Custom Remaps /
Chip tuning
Immobiliser Repair /
Rolling Road /
Dyno Runs
Turbo Conversion Mapping Work on OEM ecu

1. Unusual Audio Recordings

We remap tune files precisely according to your car and do a diagnostic to search for any problem signals that may prevent us from programming a vehicle.

2. Information from the ECU

Regarding reading and writing ECUs, we only use high-tech equipment along with the latest hardware and software that are available in the market.

3. Creating and Making Necessary Edits

After that, we rewrite the new ECU file into your vehicle’s computer, allowing you to drive off with the enhanced performance promised.

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What Makes Us the Best Option?

We have years of experience working in the automobile industry. Our area of expertise lies in vehicle engine management systems and ECU tuning in Bournemouth. We have broadened the scope of our knowledge to include different types of vehicles.

1. We Always Provide Qualified Services

We provide excellent, quality ECU remapping services in Bournemouth, and in a warmer and friendlier atmosphere. We ensure the highest standard of services with affordable ECU remap costs.

2. Hight-Quality Parts and Equipment

We also provide cutting-edge, specialised equipment for ECU remap in Bournemouth and diagnostic software designed specifically for the software installed in your car.

3. A Solution for Each Make and Model

Regardless of your vehicle’s make or model, we can provide car ECU remapping in Bournemouth, diagnose the problem and do the required repairs.