Mercedes Remapping Services in UK

Our Mercedes remapping specialists can remap the ECU (Engine Control Unit) of any Mercedes model to enhance its power and lower its fuel consumption. The exceptional engine of a Mercedes, combined with the remapping, is the perfect recipe for a high-performing machine.

Whether your Mercedes requires stage 1, 2, or 3 remapping, along with the necessary additional parts, you can rely on the expertise and experience of our technicians. Our workshop is fully equipped to provide you with the essential upgrades and carry out diagnostics to reveal the most hidden problems of your car. We provide hardware which is top-performing, OEM-compatible, and emission safe. Bring your Mercedes to our workshop and we will guide you through the entire remapping process.

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Get the Simplest of Remapping

Stage 1 Remapping is the simplest of all and costs the least. It involves only reprogramming/updating the existing software of your Mercedes. Parameters such as fuel injection, boost, and ignition are optimised to enhance power and torque and reduce fuel consumption.

Stage one remapping does not require any hardware changes, so most of the safety parameters stick to the release of the vehicle’s potential power, which the manufacturer has left for unlocking.

If you feel more comfortable with original and unmodified hardware, but at the same time, you want to unleash the power of your Mercedes, then stage 1 Mercedes remapping is most advisable for you. Get in touch with us for reliable and efficient stage 1 remapping and watch your car’s performance reach its peak.


Reidy Remaps Can Offer

DTC Removal
DPF Removal
EGR Removal
Diagnostics Services
Custom Remaps /
Chip tuning
Immobiliser Repair /
Rolling Road /
Dyno Runs
Turbo Conversion Mapping Work on OEM ecu

Take It One Step Higher

If you have never had a car remapped before and are unsure if you should go for remapping, visit us and let us answer all your questions.

If you want to take your Mercedes two steps higher than its current performance, then stage 2 Mercedes remapping in UK is what you should go for. It involves reprogramming and updating the features of stage 1, and some hardware changes too. The intercooler, air intake, and exhaust system are upgraded, and the engine is optimised to unleash more power. At Reidy Remaps, our in-house team of qualified technicians is equipped with the most modern tools to ensure perfect reprogramming and quality hardware installation.

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Unleash the Beast

For those who like perfection and want their Mercedes to deliver peak performance, stage 3 remapping is the way to go. It includes all the features of stage 1 and 2 remapping along with other hardware upgrades and mods to unleash the complete power of your machine. Stage 3 remapping can add over 100 hp to your vehicle, depending on other variables.

Our stage 3 Mercedes remapping services involve changing engine parts, such as turbochargers, camshafts, rods, pistons, fuel pumps, and others. Many of these parts are necessary, while some are optional. Our technicians will guide you through the best combinations and modifications depending on your Mercedes type.

Reversible Process

All stages of remapping are reversible. Stage 1 remapping can be easily reversed by rolling back software upgrades, while stage 2 and 3 remapping may require hardware changes. The world of modification is a huge one for car enthusiasts, but you have to be sure that your insurance policy covers such changes and modifications. One thing is for sure, though: Once you experience your car after remapping, you will not want to reverse the process. Faster acceleration, higher power, improved drivability, lower fuel consumption, lower emissions, and greater torque are some benefits of engine remapping.

  • Over the years, we have specialised in remapping one of the top vehicle brands, including Mercedes.
  • We offer the most compatible software updates and reprogramming, which are reversible.
  • We provide parts from leading manufacturers around the world and install them to perfection.
  • You get to enjoy better fuel economy unleashing the full power of your Mercedes at highly competitive rates.
  • We offer comprehensive services for remapping and diagnostics, such as dyno testing.