How Ecu Remapping works

ECU remapping, put simply, is just fine tuning the software on your cars computer (your engine management system or ECU the engine control unit)

Modern engines rely heavily on computer controlled engine management systems. Basically each engine has an array of electrical components, such as the solenoids that control the boost of your turbo, the high pressure injectors, or things like sensors which monitor lots of things such as throttle position, crank position, airflow and boost etc. These signals are sent and received by the Engine Control Unit (ECU), which processes and alters the information received to give the best engine performance for any given driving condition.

So why should I remap my ECU?

When vehicles are distributed throughout the world, manufacturers adopt a one map fits all policy. This one map has to take into account many different factors that are necessary for each export country. Areas such as climate, emissions, fuel quality etc etc all have to be considered by the manufacturer. What this means is that a vehicle ECU is never optimised for one individual situation. Thats what we do, resulting in great fuel economy savings and huge power gains. You really do get the best of both worlds.