ECU Diagnostics and Repair in Wincanton, Yeovil

Why Proper Diagnostics are Critical

Ecu Diagnostics and Repair Wincanton, Yeovil and surrounding areas

Every engine has a unique map and therefore, when something goes wrong, proper diagnostics become critical. A single wrong diagnostic can lead to a costly repair bill and impair the performance and quality of the engine. We provide you with thorough ECU diagnostic services without any hassles. Our technicians are skilled and bring years of experience to the table.

How We Do It

We offer you a complete repair facility as well as comprehensive diagnostics in adherence with stringent standards. We have the latest equipment that enables us to effectively diagnose any issues and faults present in your car. If needed, we also place your car on a rolling road. We then watch live data and look for any faults or inconsistencies as and when they take place. The result is a highly efficient diagnostic mechanism that detects issues in real time.



Why Having A Rolling Road Helps

Our availability of the rolling road enables us to drive your vehicle just as you would on a regular road. However, the major difference here is that with a rolling road there is no danger of harming other users when we test the vehicle with load on the road. We basically diagnose your vehicle’s faults by strapping your cars driving wheels to the the rolling road and then checking on the engine and drive train. We make sure to keep a watch for any inconsistencies in sounds, which can easily lead us to the exact nature of the fault in your vehicle. You might find many diagnostic service providers but very few will be able to offer you an ECU diagnostic service like ours.

The next time you find an issue with your car’s engine and want it diagnosed by an efficient team, contact us and we will help you identify exactly what is wrong with your engine.