Reidy Remaps has many agents around the UK and around the world, If you arent able to make it to us in Somerset or Dorset then please do check to see if we have someone closer to you.

We may be able to travel to you depending on the distance if some traveling expenses are included in the price.

Remapping Agents

We have Remapping agents based all over the UK so to find our other Remapping locations please contact us

We currently have agents in Portugal, Italy, USA, Hungary, Russia, England and Northern Ireland.
We are looking to take on more agents around the world and in the UK, so please feel free to contact us via phone or email to discuss the details of becoming a “Reidy Remaps” agent.
All Reidy Remaps agents will be listed on this site and any work in their area will be passed onto them.
We wont take on Remapping agents in overlapping areas so you can be assured that you will not be competing against other Reidy Remaps agents.
We can supply all Reidy Remaps agents with the tuning tools they will require to be able to Remap cars.
Typical earnings per car are from £120-£250.