EGR Replacement & Repair Services

Owning a car is one thing, and taking care of it is another. The life and performance of your vehicle depend on various factors. A regular oil change is a good practice, but trust us, there is primarily one thing that should be managed if you want to keep your car for years to come.

One system in your vehicle which you need to be careful about is the EGR system. EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation system. With the help of the most modern and state-of-the-art equipment, our expert technicians can provide regular EGR maintenance, repairs, replacement, and upgrading to ensure that your exhaust system produces minimum emissions and your car engine enjoys a long life.

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Why is the EGR Important?

Engines run on fuel, producing exhaust gasses when fuel is burned. Some of the fuels, such as nitrogen oxide, are harmful to the environment.

All vehicles need an exhaust system, not just for transporting toxic gasses out of the car and into the environment but also to ensure that the emissions are tolerable. Exhaust systems also influence engine performance. Because of these essential requirements, your vehicles are fitted with an EGR – Exhaust Gas Recirculation system. It is a cost-effective and efficient system that reduces NOx emissions by collecting a specific volume of exhaust gasses and re-injecting them into your engine’s air intake. This reduces the release of NOx into the environment, and its production as the fuel and air mixture combusts, dropping the combustion temperature.

EGR Repair

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EGR Repair and Maintenance

The average life of an EGR valve is around ten years with regular maintenance. Timely EGR repair and proper care are necessary if you want a high-performance engine, efficient fuel consumption, low emissions, and a long-lasting engine.

At Reidy Remaps, qualified and experienced technicians will treat your car. Our state-of-the-art tools and equipment can help enhance the performance of your exhaust systems, inspect the EGR for any problems, upgrade the EGR system, and replace it if needed. Consistent fuel smells or fumes from the hood can signify a faulty or dirty EGR. In many cases, it still has life, and servicing can make it new again. Whether it is simply a build-up of gunk and carbon or something highly technical, you may rely on our technical knowledge, which comprises EGR upgrade, replacement, and upgrade, among others.

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Common Problems and Repairs

EGR Valve: The EGR valve is responsible for collecting and reinstalling exhaust gases. If the valve is not working correctly or has suffered damage, it will not be able to perform its function. This could result in increased emissions and inefficient fuel consumption and require EGR valve replacement.

Air Intake Valve: The air intake throttle regulates air intake volume. The valve’s performance influences engine noise, shutdown, harshness, and vibration. Our highly skilled technicians can provide the required services if your air intake valve has completed its life or needs to be serviced.

EGR Cooler: The EGR cooler, also known as the EGR exchanger, is responsible for cooling the exhaust gases before re-injecting them into the engine. Cooling helps enhance the EGR’s efficiency. If the cooler is not working properly, you’ll have a highly inefficient EGR.

EGR Module: An EGR module is a synchronised combination of EGR elements and ensures that the components Interact seamlessly to reduce emissions and increase efficiency. A faulty EGR module can be highly detrimental to your car’s performance. No matter the problem with your car’s EGR. We are a name you can trust for any EGR service.

If You See These Signs, Call Us:

“Check Engine” Light: The “Check Engine” light can indicate a hundred different problems with your engine, and a faulty EGR system is one of them. Correlate it with other information to identify if it’s an EGR problem, or visit our highly equipped workshop for professional advice or EGR repair:

  • Reduced Engine Power: If your engine power has been reduced, then one possibility is that your car’s air-to-fuel ratio is disrupted.
  • Rough Engine Idle: When the RPM fluctuates or keeps dropping below a certain limit, it can indicate a problem often called “rough idle”. This condition is often a result of faulty EGR valves.