Reidy Remaps are specialists in Suzuki Swift Tuning.

We tune all models including ;




Reidy Remaps can also tune other Suzuki models with the same engines and ecus.

We have over 10 years experience in Tuning Suzuki Swifts.

Suzuki Swift ZC32 Supercharger conversion

Modifications from exhausts to highly cammed engines, or turbo and supercharged converted builds are catered for.

Reidy Remaps are the only company in the world, currently tuning the ZC32 Suzuki Swift stock ecu for turbo or supercharger conversions without a aftermarket ecu.

We have worked with CTC performance for many years and carried out mapping for all the parts they produce for these vehicles.

Suzuki Swift ZC31

The Suzuki Swift ZC31 uses the older Denso ecu system which many companies percieved as not being as “tuneable”. However Reidy Remaps can tune this engine for most modifications directly through the obd port or on the bench.

Reidy Remaps can also tune standalone ecus fitted to these cars, with the graph bellow from a 1.9l bored ZC31 making 220bhp. This we believe is the most powerful normally aspirated Suzuki Swift in Europe.

ZC33 1.4T BoosterJet engine

We have tuned the k14c engine in the 1.4t boosterjet to over 260bhp, with more planned in the pipeline to push it to over 300bhp.

So far Reidyremaps have managed 260bhp on stock internals and fuel system.

Therefore this car is awiating a Garrett GBC20-300 turbo so we can reach the 300bhp mark hopefully.

Reidy Remaps have over 100 dyno hours in tuning these engines testing lots of different modifications.

The k14d variant with the mild hybrid powertrain. This engine while not as tunable due to the tubo size and few other limitations still pruduces good gains.

Reidy remaps have managed 175bhp and 254ftlbs without the hybrid system being active. Which can provide more power on top of this.

To be able measure the output with the hybrid system a 4wd linked dyno is required. Which we dont currently have.

A lot of our progress can be followed on the ctc performance social media as well as our own facebook page.

Tuning is carried out in Wincanton Somerset.

However it can also be catered for remotely having tuned these cars in many places in europe.

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