Many cars come with restrictions on engine performance to compensate for sub-standard fuels and irregular servicing. The manufacturers do this intentionally to keep the car safe in such untoward situations. But you can use BMW remapping service in Bournemouth to increase the engine power, boost the speed, and optimise the fuel consumption of your BMW vehicle. If you want professionals, we can help you with it!

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At Reidy Remaps, we have been remapping high-performance cars for famous brands, including BMW, Ford, Jaguars, and Mercedes, for years. With time, we have built a team of car enthusiast tuners and professional car mechanics who know how to efficiently tune your car and get the most out of its engine’s performance and fuel efficiency. For your knowledge, we use reversible and suitable reprogramming techniques. Let’s tune your car!

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How Does the BMW Remapping Work?

In the BMW remapping Bournemouth process, which is also known as ECU remapping, our team of professionals tweaks the ‘maps’ of cars and their engine-related parameters. In other words, we swap the parameters or the hexadecimal format stored in the system that regulates the vehicle’s fuel, timings, and boost pressure. This way, we remap the previous ‘maps’ of the car.

We plug into the Onboard Diagnostic Port (OBD port) the tuned software, overwriting the engine map with the new version by accessing the hexadecimal tables or parameters. Once we find access to these parameters, our professional team members create its document, adjust the settings as you want, and make the car ready to drive after testing the suitability of the new updates.

BMW 118D

Another thing to remember is that this remapping process is reversible; if you somehow like to return your vehicle to the factory defaults, we can do that as well. But I think this won’t happen. We have tuned thousands of cars, and only a few of our clients returned to bring the car to the factory defaults. Most customers are happy with their unleashed beasts giving excellent power and fuel efficiency.

Reidy Remaps Can Offer

DTC Removal
DPF Removal
EGR Removal
Diagnostics Services
Custom Remaps /
Chip tuning
Immobiliser Repair /
Rolling Road /
Dyno Runs
Turbo Conversion Mapping Work on OEM ecu

Pros and Cons of BMW Remapping


The following are the benefits of remapping your BMW vehicle.

  1. Boost Car’s Performance Affordably: Remapping your car enhances the net horsepower, engine performance, and torque, ultimately enhancing the overall performance. In addition, if you choose us, affordability is another aspect that fills the matrix.
  2. Enhances Fuel Efficiency: When remapping, boosting the fuel efficiency is one of our priorities. We carefully re-programme fuel injectors and sensors that enhance the fuel efficiency. But you have to take care of the gear changes and rev range to use the tuning for fuel saving.
  1. No Physical Upgrades Needed: With the BMW remapping, we won’t upgrade your car physically. We only tweak the maps of the car’s system. Although we can do a few physical tweaks depending upon what level of tuning and power you want to achieve, these changes are so nominal that we don’t actually consider them physical upgrades.
  2. Remapping is Reversible: In most cases, we can reverse your car’s remapping to the factory defaults. Therefore, if you think you should bring back the default settings of the car, we can do that as well. The reverse-remapping process is simple; we remove the re-map settings and swap all the physical components with the default ones.
BMW 335D

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The following are a few cons or potential risks of remapping your BMW vehicle.

May Reduce Reliability: Since re-mapping tends to unleash the whole engine’s power beyond what the manufacturer set, it may affect the reliability and life of the engine or a certain vehicle’s parts. This is why we try our best to tune the car up to its capacity, not beyond, so it can last as expected without failing at any point.

May Void Warranty and Insurance Policies: If you have your vehicle in the warranty period or have insured it, it’s a good idea to check for the manufacturer’s warranty for remapping and insurance policies. If we remap your car, it may void the warranty and insurance policies; you must ensure these factors before bringing your car to us.

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Our Reidy Remaps’s BMW remapping in Bournemouth is reputed for providing the best engine performance and fuel efficiency. We’re also known for finding and proving vehicles’ genuine parts bought from leading global manufacturers. In addition, we offer group discounts for many vehicles that further reduce the cost. Contact us today to reveal the discounts, prices and our standard services or get assistance with any query. Let’s connect!