Increase the Performance and Economy of Your Vehicle

Remapping a Ford engine can increase performance, efficiency, and economy in your vehicle. The procedure takes less time and effort and makes no physical changes to the car.

What is ECU Remapping?

When a car comes out of the assembly line, it usually does not offer its full potential due to the default settings of its ECU (Electronic Control Unit). ECU maintains the balance between performance, fuel consumption, weather conditions, economy etc.

You might be wondering whether this type of modification is legal or not. Well, you can relax because remapping your car is legal. But you will have to get a revised insurance policy for your car after remapping it.

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A remap removes these restrictions from ECU. It is a simpler and quicker procedure to make your car more efficient. A new software programme is uploaded to the engine’s electronic control unit to execute an engine remap. This is a fairly straightforward tuning technique that is typically carried out by connecting a laptop to the car’s OBD port. It is a reversible procedure.

However, there are some important questions related to remapping, and we have done the legwork for you to try and answer them below.

What Are the Benefits of Ford Remaps?

Remapping your Ford offers great benefits and is a low-cost procedure. If you are not into heavy car modifications, remapping is a good way to improve overall performance without making any physical changes. It doesn’t take much time as well so you can do it when you go for Ford tuning next time.

Ford Remapping

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Ford Remapping

Improves Economy

The first major advantage of remapping is financial. Ford’s fuel efficiency can be improved through remapping and it gives you extra KPL (kilometres per litre). This means you won’t need to fill up your tank as frequently, which will save you money, especially given the sky-high price of petroleum products right now.

Increases Engine Power

The increase in engine power is the second advantage of programming your Ford. It is one of the most common reasons why people, especially those who are heavily into car modifications, prefer to remap their cars. After tuning your Ford with remaps, you will notice an improvement in power and speed.

Better Vehicle Control

With remapping, your Ford will not only have more power and greater fuel economy, but you’ll also have superior vehicle control. You’ll notice a smoother, more durable drive.  This is mainly because remapping your car will increase the throttle and shorten the response time of your engine.

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How Much Does Remapping Cost?

Well, let’s come to the most important question. The cost of remapping a car depends on how much you want to invest. Remapping is divided into three stages. Let’s take a look at their affordability.

Stage 1:

These are the most affordable modifications. Stage 1 upgrade usually refers to small reprogramming to provide a small performance boost to the car. Stage 1 modifications usually cost around £200-£300

Stage 2:

Stage two modification requires a little more work on the engine. Normally a new air filter is installed and some improvements are made to the exhaust system. This naturally increases the cost of remapping. These modifications can cost about £550.

Stage 3:

The most major remaps are stage 3. To give a substantial performance boost to a car, significant engine modifications, like a new turbo system, injectors, and pistons, are done. Stage 3 modification can cost £1500 and above.


If you are removing the limits of Ford to boost its performance, this question must have risen in your mind. Well, your engine will experience extra stress after remapping. While most are very secure and effective when done by a reputable firm, maintaining your car will require extra attention.

Altering the software of your car is a serious business. Even though it is a procedure to alter the microchip of the car, it is still a very complicated procedure. So it is suggested not to tamper with it unless you are a trained technician. It is better and safer to contact a professional who provides Ford remapping services.

It is significant to remember that not every Ford can be remapped. Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus remaps are among the most common ones. If the car is acceptable for remapping and the remapping is carried out by an expert, such as ourselves, this shouldn’t harm the car in any way.