Reidy Remaps is proud to be able to offer a Mobile ECU Remapping service covering all of Chard and a Dyno Remapping service at our premises in Yeovil.

So if you are looking at having your Car or Van Remapped in the Chard area or are willing to travel to have you car mapped on our Dyno in Yeovil, then we can help.

We offer remapping for most vehicles from 1996 to present day, we have years of experience in the motor industry and in motor racing, including hundreds of hours of remapping on Dyno’s and rolling roads around the country with thousands of happy customers.

We were the first and only Dyno tuning centre in Yeovil / Surrounding areas and as such we are the only company around here who can backup our claims with before and after Dyno graphs, before choosing another company, ask do they have a Dyno? Can they provide you proof of the figures they claim you are getting? Also are they sending the file to another company to do the remap for them?

Here at Reidy Remaps we have been writing our own files for 10 years so we have direct knowledge of what we are doing, you can even watch while we modify the ecu’s software and make suggestions on how you would like the car to drive after all its your car!

We check all cars before and after remapping with diagnostics and in most cases datalog the car whilst on road test to check we are happy and the customer is happy the car is performing once the remap has been installed.

We can come to your work or house at most hours of the day to carry out the remapping on your vehicle, so feel free to enquire and we will see what we can do.

Or if you would like to have your car remapped on a rolling road then why not come to us in Yeovil Somerset and we can remap your car on our rolling road providing before and after Dyno printout If you cant make it to us due to work then we offer a pick-up and drop off service collecting your car from your home or work and dropping it back at the end of the day with the work / Ecu Remap completed and you Dyno graphs to prove it.

Reidy Remaps can offer

DTC Removal

We can remove DTC’s and P codes from many makes and models.

DPF Removal

We can safely delete and remove your DPF leaving no warning lights or smoking issues.

EGR Removal

We can remove or blank you EGR including remove fault codes and warning lights.

Custom Remaps / Chip tuning

We offers the best custom remapping for near every make and model .

Diagnostics Services

We have the latest diagnostics equipment including some dealer level diagnostics equipment.
Snapon, Bosch KTS, Peugeot planet, Ford IDS, VCDS, Volvo VIDA DICE

Immobiliser Repair / Removal

We can repair and remove immobilisers from most vehicles.

Rolling Road / Dyno Runs

We can offer dyno runs from £40 with use of a 1000bhp Mustang 2WD Dyno

Turbo Conversion Mapping Work on OEM ecu

We specialise in turbo conversion mapping on stock ecus including Mems 3, EECV, EECVI, and many Bosch ecus