To enhance the efficiency and performance of your Volkswagen, there is a simple yet effective way: remapping. It fine-tunes your vehicle’s on-board computer for better performance and improved fuel economy.

Reidy Remaps is the most trusted company providing top-notch VW remapping services in different areas around the UK. Our VW remapping specialists help you get more out of your Volkswagen, making your driving experience more thrilling.

Understanding Remapping

Remapping, also referred to as ECU tuning, involves altering the setting of the Electric Control Unit (ECU) of the vehicle to improve its overall performance. The vehicle’s ECU comes with a factory setting, which restricts the vehicle’s performance to a certain limit. These settings can be rewritten or re-programmed to remove those restrictions on your vehicle and make it more efficient.

How it is performed:

To do this, a remapping professional will access the ECU via On-Board Diagnostics (OBD). Some vehicles restrict ECU access through OBD; in such a case, ECU is taken out manually and attached to an external computer to alter its settings.

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What Are the Benefits of Volkswagen Remapping?

Better Fuel Economy: Engine remapping for VW increases its miles per gallon, improving fuel economy. It will also reduce your carbon footprint.

Improve Performance: Remapping your Volkswagen will adjust ignition timing and fuel delivery, improving its performance.

No Physical Upgrades: One of the major benefits of VW ECU remap is it doesn’t require any physical changes to improve performance.

It’s Reversible (in most cases): Volkswagen remapping is usually reversible; you can go back to the original software easily.

Pushed-Back Feel: VW remapping might provide you with the pushed-back feeling in your seat that serious drivers want.

Enhanced Drivability: ECU remapping of Volkswagen eliminates flat spots, smooths out rough idling, reduces turbo lag, and improves the overall driving experience.      

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Remapping Levels

Stage 1: This stage involves improving the performance of a vehicle; it could be a simple economy map to obtain more mpg.

It consists of:

  • Options for different upgrades for induction kit or air filter panel
  • Stage 1 file map

Stage 2:  Depending on the vehicle, a stage 2 remapping requires a particular level of hardware.

The following are the primary requirements for a Stage 2 remap:

  • Upgraded air intake
  • Intercooler upgrade
  • Improved exhaust system

Stage 3: A Stage 3 remap will offer you the highest performance and power that your vehicle is capable of. It needs a lot of modifications and changes, such as the engine’s internal parts (conrods, end bearings, and pistons), injectors, and turbo.

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Although most modern vehicles can be remapped, certain older models with outdated software cannot.

The extent to which a remap will affect your car varies greatly based on the location where it is remapped and the model of the vehicle.

Because each car is unique, there is no fixed time for a remap to be completed. In any event, typically, remapping can be done under 2 hours.

The remapping cost of your vehicle will most likely be determined by the model and make, as well as the level of remapping you require. However, you may anticipate paying between £200 and £400, the majority of which will be labour expenditures.

Remapping alters how the vehicle’s engine acts while driving. In the factory setting, the cars are probably not designed to run at their full potential, while minor changes to their programming can make them run the way you want.