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What Is Chip Tunning?

Chip tuning may seem complicated, but it becomes very easy to understand for a layman. Simply put, it is all about making technical improvements to enhance your engine’s efficiency. It includes optimising various maps like boost map, fuel amp, and ignition map.

History of Chip Tuning

Giving a look at the origin of chip tuning brings us back to 1968 when Volkswagen introduced the first ever computer-controlled engine and laid the basis of chip tuning.

The term “chip tuning” became more common in the 90’s. At that time, chip tuners meddled with the EPROMs to desolder and rewrite. Well, things have changed over time, and now chip tuners use various methods to boost the efficiency of your engine.

Methods for Chip Tuning

Let’s look at some of the key ways that can help enhance your engine’s performance.

Ignition Timing

Generally, the piston in the compression stroke goes upward before moving, and the cylinder contains a mixture of compressed air and fuel. The sparkplug ignites this mixture when the piston is in the upward position.

Here, one thing is very noteworthy: the timing of the ignition that will make your car dash. Ideally, the spark should ignite the mixture when the piston is upward. This is the right condition that produces maximum force for the engine to move on.

A tuner understands both things clearly and adjusts the ignition of the timing light so that it aptly aligns with the piston movement to give a quick thrust.

Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR)

Another key point in chip tuning is AFR. According to stoichiometric calculations, the accurate air/fuel ratio for gasoline composed entirely of octane is 14.7:1. This is the exact ratio of air and fuel that gives maximum power to the engine. However, it varies from engine to engine. Tuners ensure this ratio is kept at its optimum level to give ultimate power to the engine.

Methods for Chip Tuning


Boost is a common and considerable way of giving power to your engine. Adding more boost means more air packed into the cylinder and, ultimately, more fuel consumption.

One important thing to remember is that more boost means more stress of air and fuel mixture on the engine, which affects the longevity of the engine. Therefore, make sure that you are okay with this and that your engine components are strong enough to bear the stress.


Usually, automobile manufacturers digitally limit the speed of your car to keep RPM cutoffs within safe limits. When you visit chip tuners, they use aftermarket plug-and-play solutions and digitally alter your engine’s settings, allowing it to move fast.

Advantages of Chip Tuning

  • Chip tuning increases horsepower, the engine’s torque, and, ultimately, the engine’s power.
  • Chip tuning is an effective way to improve the fuel efficiency of your engine.
  • Chip tuning adjusts your ECU and gives a better throttle, which enables your car to make a quick dash.
  • It improves the engine’s life, enabling it to work efficiently for a longer period.


Chip tuning is about making your car more efficient in terms of engine performance. It gives more torque to the engine, which means more power and, finally, more performance.

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Chip tuning is all in all beneficial. It gives your engine more speed, power, torque, enhanced life and an enjoyable driving experience.

No, although chip tuning prepares the engine for more powerful performance, you must not forget that all the alternations are ensured within the reserves stipulated by the company or manufacturer.

The pattern of chip tuning is variable for different cars. Its EPROM is removed, rewritten and resoldered to chip-tune a car older than 2000. For new cars, their software is rewritten using plug-and-play devices.

No, chip tuning regularises the limits of your smoke and soot emissions, ensuring efficient engine emissions.

Yes, each adjustment under chip tuning is reversible. Simply approach a professional tuner and get your settings done.