How Good Are Your Car Modifications?

Car enthusiasts love modifications and having the ability to make their vehicles more bespoke. Some mods are purely cosmetic while others can improve the vehicle’s performance. If you are investing in any kind of performance mod though, you may want to test the vehicle to see if there is a benefit. You can do this with Reidy Remaps. We offer the best rolling roads in Dorset, using quality equipment to help measure bhp and torque.

It is surprising how many mods can actually affect vehicle performance. Below we want to look at some of the most important ones; they are likely to be things you are considering.

Suspension Upgrades

Aftermarket suspension systems can be very popular. They can optimise the vehicle to make it suit your driving style. That can result in a more comfortable ride as well as better handling.

Turbo or Superchargers

People who are looking to increase engine performance will likely choose one of these products. They work by forcing more air into an engine, resulting in more power.


Changing the brakes on a vehicle can have a big effect on performance. New disks and better pads can make braking more efficient and more responsive.


Adding a spoiler to a car can offer a number of performance benefits. Primarily spoilers can reduce drag and create more downforce. As a result, they can improve speed and enhance the driving experience.

Exhaust Upgrades

The rate at which exhaust can discharge hot gases can have an impact on vehicle performance. As a result, many modders will choose big bore exhausts that can get rid of the gas quicker when they are driving at high rpm.

Wheel and Tyre Changes

While many people choose bigger, more decorative rims for the style, any change to the wheels and tyres can affect performance. One thing to remember in particular is if you get a rim and tyre that has a bigger rolling radius, it can reduce acceleration.

Engine Mods

There are lots of different ways to modify engines to attempt to boost power. For example, some people will choose reboring to increase their capacity. Others opt for grinding and polishing to allow more air to enter the engine.

Book Time on Rolling Roads in Dorset

Reidy Remaps is happy to help anyone who wants to know just how much their vehicle benefits from the modifications they make. We can offer dyno testing that can check the torque and brake horsepower. You should get a test before making any changes so you have a baseline. You can then make your mods and test again to see if you got an increase in any important area.

So, if you want to book time on the most reliable rolling roads in Dorset, speak to us. We can give you advice and choose a time that works for you. We’ll also give you tips about preparing for the testing if you need them.


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