Dyno testing in Wiltshire - Why has your engine lost horsepower?

The amount of bhp your car generates will sadly decrease over time. It happens for a number of reasons, primarily because of worn parts or an accumulation of dirt or debris. The older an engine, the more power it will lose. The best way to calculate the loss and determine if you need repairs or upgrades is to use a dynamometer. At Reidy Remaps we offer the best dyno testing in Wiltshire. As a result, we can give clients a clear idea of their engine performance.

Problems with airflow

An issue with the airflow can cause a big loss in bhp. One of the most common causes is a dirty air filter. If there is too much dirt or debris here it can mean less air gets to the engine. As a result it will have to work harder and won’t be able to deliver as much power. Airflows can also be compromised by clogs in the exhaust system, including with the catalytic converter and muffler. Worn components in the valve train can also restrict airflow.

Is something limiting the fuel flow?

An issue that limits the amount of fuel that gets to the engine can cause a big loss of power. The main problems that cause this are worn fuel pumps and clogged fuel injectors. If a fuel pump is too old you may notice a loss of power during heavy acceleration and hill climbs.

Not enough compression

If an engine cannot maintain proper compression, it will lose power. This generally happens in older engines because the pistons are worn. When that happens it will allow blow-by, meaning there is less pressure on the piston itself. That means a loss of power. A build up of carbon on intake valves and valve seats can also lower compression and cost the engine power.

Can the engine spark properly?

In time deposits can build up on the spark plugs. When this happens it can make the firing inconsistent and increase the likelihood of misfire. A misfiring engine will have less power.

Choose dyno testing in Wiltshire

Reidy Remaps is happy to help vehicle owners who want to know how much bhp their vehicle actually has. We can offer testing for various makes and models, including diesel and petrol engines. Our equipment is first rate and we have a very skilful team who can interpret the results for you.

So, contact us to arrange dyno testing in Wiltshire. We work with new vehicles and all kinds of used cars. With our help you can see how much power an older engine has lost and get tips for restoring it.


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